50 Shades of blue

The perfect island to escape from the grey and dive in to the blue.

Menorca is the second largest of the Balearics and by far the least populated. With its outstandingly beautiful coastline, featuring some 120 ‘calas’ or coves, many of which are only accessible by boat, it remains relatively untouched by tourism. Yet its proximity to Mallorca – just two and a half hours away on your boat – means you can combine the tranquillity of one island with the sophistication of another.

Amidst the jumble of whitewashed and pale sienna-coloured buildings clustered around Mahon’s picturesque harbour are a number of excellent restaurants and waterfront cafes, while elsewhere on the island are numerous wonderful places to sample the delicious seafood and local wines. Many of our clients often enjoy staying aboard the vessel to dine in the evenings. Add a climate that is warm and sunny all year round, a remarkably verdant landscape, with almonds, figs and olives growing in abundance along with a multitude of wild flowers, and you have the perfect setting for the ultimate charter holiday.